Cooking Simulator: Good Eats

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Tasty food is one of the biggest pleasures in our life. But tasty doesn’t necessarily mean rich in calories – there are many healthy dishes that won’t affect your figure, and Cooking Simulator will help you find out everything about them. It’s not only a great helper in the kitchen, but also a self-education tool. You’ll find out about traditional meals from different countries and will be able to enrich your diet with these exotic dishes. Besides, you’ll know exactly what to cook for another big holiday.

The game features hundreds of recipes, from the easiest that you might already know to the most sophisticated that require some advanced cooking skills. As you perform mission after mission and unlock new recipes and components, you’ll find out how to make various kinds of dishes you couldn’t even imagine. Here you’ll plunge into the magic of turning raw foods into incomparable meals, learn to adorn them so that they look even more appetizing and serve them according to the rules of the best restaurants. It doesn’t matter how many recipes you already know, there is always an opportunity to cook a dish that has not yet been tried!

The first levels will be simple and beginner gamers will have the chance to gain the most basic cooking skills. But gradually the difficulty of the meals will grow and you are going to handle ever more complicated tasks. Aside from common meals, you’ll also get an idea of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other cuisines. You’ll be helped by a variety of foods and a wide range of ingredients at one glance at which you can salivate. Playing Cooking Simulator is so deliciously designed that you definitely want to try a learned virtual dish right there in your kitchen! There are a lot of experiments waiting for you under the guidance of the best chefs and your own imagination. Don’t be afraid to mix foods at will and try various means of preparing them to create unique and tasty dishes that will definitely adorn your table either for a special occasion or simply when you feel like cooking!