Cook Simulator

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Cooking can be exciting and fun if you know how to do it and enjoy the process – or only irritating if you can’t combine ingredients correctly, have no patience to follow the recipe and constantly burn food. If you have a problem like that, Cooking Simulator will fix it! This is a full-fledged virtual kitchen where you can do anything you want and learn just about any recipe out there. All you need is to follow the instructions on the screen and keep some nuances in mind – and voila, a marvelous, delicious dish is ready to serve!

Some may disagree that virtuality is far from real practice and you can’t really learn anything in the virtual world, just have fun. But in fact, those who think so forget that practice begins with theory. It may take you very long time before you find your way around a real kitchen. There is so much stuff there! Who will tell you about the functions of different utensils and the rules of mixing various products? Who will show you exactly how to mix dough, fry meat and make sauces? Our everyday life is too fast and busy to make time for this. But with Cooking Simulator, you can find out about the basic rules and subtle secrets of cooking in a matter of days!

Prepare dishes of different complexity, get rewards for completing daily missions, spend money on new kitchen appliances, exotic ingredients and of course new recipes. Before you notice, you’ll be able to cook in your own kitchen just as confidently and skillfully as on your smartphone! Cooking Simulator is a great way to upgrade your culinary skills and you can do it right here, on our site. Launch the game online and prepare for a thrilling journey into the world of cooking!