Cooking Simulator 2

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Your girlfriend doesn’t know how to cook and doesn’t wanna learn? Install Cooking Simulator on her smartphone and pretty soon she’ll learn how to handle a knife, frying pan and other kitchen stuff. The game is well developed and allows you to enjoy the process of cooking dishes, gradually mastering the basics and subtleties of this difficult occupation. Make sure to try it – there is simply nothing like this on the online game market!

In such games, the picture plays a crucial role, because the player needs to dive into the virtual world and enjoy its capabilities. Of course, the picture in Cooking Simulator is far from ideal and there are a lot of flaws, plus this project is not an AAA class, so expecting unreal graphics from it would be just silly. But, the visuals are quite realistic, with details and object physics. Meat looks like meat from real life, and you can immediately tell apples from peas. During the execution of another task, you just get used to how the products look in this game, after which you can safely go about your business, because your eyes will simply adapt to this sort of picture. And let’s not forget that this game is about cooking, recipes and their subtleties, and not about the incredible graphics- the developers put their strength into completely different aspects of the game that are more important for the player.

The process of cooking is quite interesting and you can really learn how to cook something. For example, you need to cook steak – for this we take the right piece of meat, cut it correctly, then throw it on the grill and fry in the oven. It is also necessary to prepare a side dish or some additional elements of the meal. All this happens in a very understandable way for you, since all the processes here are transferred from real life – you need to cut vegetables, fry meat, mix something in a blender, grill and so on. Of course, if you are very far from kitchen and have no idea how to make a simple salad, the first time it will be hard, but the rest of the game will be very simple – just follow the logic and do everything according to the recipe, then there will be no problems. Yes, and the game has an advanced cooking school, where they will guide you through the entire process step by step and show all the nuances. As you can see, Cooking Simulator isn’t only fun, but also useful! You can play it online on our site and learn all the culinary secrets that you can also use to diversify your own menu!