Cooking Simulator 2018

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Imagine that you became a real cook and went to prepare dishes in a restaurant. Only it happens not in real life, but in the virtual world. Here you have the whole gameplay – we have a hefty kitchen, a whole car of possibilities and recipes that need to be properly used for success. You can cut, chop, fry and boil, decorate, and so on, so that the visitor likes the result. The successful cooking of dishes can bring popularity to your institution and, accordingly, money. That’s just not worth treating the money in this game as a goal – virtual dollars give us the opportunity to buy tools and ingredients, but no more. That is, it is worth going to the virtual kitchen only if you really want to enjoy the process of cooking and you like to be at the kitchen table.

To cook delicious food, you must carefully read the recipes and follow the sequence of actions specified in them. At first the tasks will be simple, you’ll be instructed what to do and how. For example, you need to make chocolate cookies. Ready? Then let’s start! It all begins with the dough – the ingredients are placed in a bowl and mixed with a spatula. To do this, move the cursor of the mouse over the circumference of the bowl in different directions repeatedly. Then the dough will be kneaded right. To roll it out and cut out the molds, you also have to move the cursor where the arrow points, rolling the pin here and there until you turn a shapeless lump into a smooth cake. To shape your cookies, click on different fragments of the dough. That’s it, we can put our cookies on the baking pan and place them in the oven. Once they’re ready, you can lay them out on a beautiful dish and enjoy your work!

The task is a bit more challenging when the components for the dish you are about to cook must be independently found in the refrigerator or in the cupboard. A gamer has a list to choose from, including cereals, vegetables, spices and bowls. You won’t get any extra tips, except for how the required objects are called and how they look. To cope with that assignment, you need to throughly investigate the lockers and kitchen containers. And if there is a time limit for your mission, you need to be particularly attentive: the work should be organized in such a way as to complete each stage before the timer beeps, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again. This is just a fraction of stuff to learn about Cooking Simulator. Play this amazing game online and discover the fascinating world of cooking!