Cooking Simulator 2019

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Mankind has reached unprecedented heights of its development in a multitude of different spheres. Including cooking that has moved from the category of urgent need to the category of art. A brilliant game called Cooking Simulator will allow you to make your first steps in this fascinating world. It will teach you basic operations performed in the kitchen, tell you about different ingredients and offer a wide array of recipes. A great pastime for future hostesses! Having fun and learning skills that will definitely come in handy in life – what could be better?

So what exactly is Cooking Simulator? It’s basically a whole kitchen packed into your smartphone or tablet. Once you launch the game, you see all kinds of equipment, utensils and foods there. If you open the fridge, there are going to be tons of various ingredients that you can use for your recipes. Some of them will be refilled on a regular basis, rarer ones should be purchased to prepare more complicated dishes from various cuisines of the world. In drawers and cupboards you’ll find bowls and pans of different diameter, all sizes of knives and all kinds of spatulas to wield in your culinary endeavors. To make life easier for you, there are also a mixer, a food processor, a microwave oven – you can buy all this later in the game after you perform a good deal of missions and earn some cash.

The cooking process is maximally close to real life. You have to carefully measure each ingredient, regulate the strength of push when you cut ingredients, move your finger around the screen mixing and stirring, choose the right intensity of fire and remember about time otherwise your dish may come out raw or overcooked. This is much like cooking in a real kitchen, so you can safely repeat what you do in the app there. It’s like virtual practice before trying to reproduce a particularly tough recipe at home. Playing Cooking Simulator online can make you kitchen-savvy in no time. So why don’t you start right now?