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From time to time we all have to arm ourselves with knives and pans, light the burners on the stove and try on the hat of a chef. For some, this is a fascinating hobby, for others – a tedious necessity they resort to only when there is no other choice, and for someone it’s their whole life. No matter what category you belong to, Cooking Simulator will help you gain a taste not only for delicious food, but also for its preparation! This is a detailed and realistic simulator of everything that happens in the kitchen. In the refrigerator you will find a full range of products required for the preparation of certain dishes. In drawers and cabinets there are bowls and knives of all sizes, various utensils and equipment for grinding and thermal processing of food. But it’s not enough to just click on the desired object to bring it into action. Everything has to be done manually.

The game has the same laws of physics as in your kitchen. If you cut juicy fruits with a meat knife, you’ll only crush them. If you don’t turn the omelet in time, it will stick to the pan. And if you don’t calculate the proportions of milk, flour and eggs for the dough correctly, the pie will not succeed at all. So don’t expect that the program will do half the work for you – no, everything is like in real life. You will have to choose, measure and combine ingredients, decide exactly how to chop and cook them, properly use kitchen appliances. In general, the task is not easy, but we are not looking for easy ways, right?

The selection of ingredients and recipes will constantly expand and become more complex. First, you will learn how to cook a couple of salads, simple soups, cereals and meat dishes. But gradually, when you master the basic skills, the game will move on to more intensive training. Compound dishes will appear in the recipe book, requiring a variety of products. You will learn to make classic sauces and desserts from different cuisines of the world, such dishes, the process of cooking which might seem completely outlandish for a person from Europe or the US – for example, Japanese sushi or Indian curry.

But don’t give up, you can always replay a failed recipe, and for each completed task you’ll be rewarded with a rating upgrade and a certain amount of money. You can spend them on buying rare ingredients, new recipes and more advanced kitchen utensils. The world of Cooking Simulator is diverse and exciting, enter it right now on our site!