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If you ever tried gazpacho, canapés or meatballs and you are not afraid of phrases like “stewed frog legs”, “Tatar goulash” or “fruit burrito”, Cooking Simulator is invented especially for you! This entertaining and educative game will help you fully demonstrate your culinary skills and prove to everyone that you are a first-class cook! And even if you’re not so good in the kitchen, no big deal. Here you will learn how to prepare the most simple and festive dishes, learn the necessary information about spices and sauces, as of course get access to all kinds of recipes that can be applied in real life.

Cooking Simulator will become a real helper for parents who want to be confident that their child spends time with benefit, and instead of playing aggressive shooters or highly excitable races, the little one enjoys a peaceful and useful pastime preparing virtual desserts and puddings. But this game is not just about cooking. In addition to it, young housewives will be able to practice in cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes and serving the food in a beautiful and appetizing way. Adults will also find great interest in this game because of the realistic graphics and detailed gameplay. Try playing Cooking Simulator online and you won’t be able to stop! Maybe only to repeat your success in your own kitchen and surprise everyone with a new tasty meal!