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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a chef and creating true culinary masterpieces? With Cooking Simulator, your dream will come true! Try the best dishes of the world, from nutritious soups to everyone’s favorite hamburgers… but homemade ones. Just carefully follow the recipe and stick to the instructions to cook the most delicious meals. Prepare a juicy lasagna, refreshing salad or sweet pie and repeat the process in real life, in your own kitchen. After all, there is nothing better than practice, even virtual. You can even invite your friends over for dinner for them to try the fantastic meals you’ll learn from this game. There are plenty of exciting missions and valuable rewards waiting for you. Each time you’ll be tasked with preparing a more complicated, even tastier dish. Perhaps you have a real cooking talent deep inside you and it’s time for it to open up! You don’t have to look for cook books and recipes online anymore – you can simply play Cooking Simulator online!