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Do you like to cook? Do you know how? If not – it doesn’t matter, Cooking Simulator will fix this flaw! This is a complete guide to your kitchen, which will help you to finally understand how to properly use cooking tools, how different foods are combined, how to make salads, side dishes and meat, how to knead the dough and bake a cake so that it doesn’t burn. Here you will find plenty of recipes, both for every day and for special occasions with codes. Having learned to cook all these delicious, mouth-watering dishes on your smartphone, you can easily repeat this feat in your kitchen!

How is the gameplay organized in Cooking Simulator? Everything is very simple. First you go through short training, where you are told in detail about the field of your activity, the tools available — that is, knives, pans, food processors — and the ingredients from which you will be cooking. You try to cook something very simple by following step by step instructions on the screen. Just click on the arrows and read the text in pop-up windows.

Now you can proceed to the first task. As usual, your early missions will be a piece of cake (pun intended), even a person who has never cooked anything except tea can cope with them easily. But as you learn the basics of cooking, the recipes will become tougher. You’ll have to use an ever bigger assortment of products and perform ever more complex manipulations with them – not just peeling and cutting, but also boiling, stewing, frying, pickling and so on. If you hold the dish in the oven for too long or put more oil into the sauce than you should, you can spoil everything. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider various subtleties, memorize a lot of information and monitor several processes simultaneously. For example, putting vegetables to stew and doing meat, you should not forget to regulate the fire, stir the dish from time to time and adding certain ingredients.

For each task you’ll receive points that can be spent on upgrading kitchen equipment and buying new recipes. Besides, is there a better motivation to achieve new heights in the culinary niche than seeing your rating grow? Play Cooking Simulator online and become a true chef!